Monday, April 22, 2013

Early Signs of Emotional Abuse

This is how it was in the beginning for me. An occasional sarcastic joke at my expense, angry looks
for no reason, not speaking without an explanation, a put down here r there disguised as constructive criticism.  It was all so sporadic that it was easy to overlook. He was always so good to me when we were dating, almost too good.  I would always feel so lucky to have this man who loved me so much that he catered to my every whim. I know now to beware of a person who is too good.

As soon as we were married, before the ink dried on the marriage license, the abuse became more frequent. After my son was born, even more frequent. At this point I thought it was all my fault. I tried to do everything to please him to no avail. He would always raise the bar and I always felt like a failure, and then he said it..."you are a failure".  Those words rocked me to the core and left me breathless, speechless and devastated.

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